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Before booking a theory or practical test please discuss your plans with your driving instructor.  It is important to plan the weeks leading up to your theory or practical test, to ensure that the pupil is ready for their test.  If the instructor feels that the pupil is not ready / will not be ready by the date of the test, the instructor will suggest that the pupil delays their test to a later date.

Wherever possible the instructor will give the pupil 4-6 weeks notice if they feel they will not be ready for their upcoming test.

Many people are struggling to book their theory or driving test at the present time due to the backlog created by Covid-19.   To help our students find and book a test in a timely manner we have partnered with the following booking services to help you get your test quicker.

Driving Test Genie

Driving Test Genie 

Use Driving Test Genie to search for driving test cancellations and get your test booked quicker.  Also save money on your test when you use the link above.

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