Intensive Courses

Option 1 – 15 hours over 5 days – £699

This course normally runs Monday – Friday and is ideal as a refresher for anyone who hasn’t had any lessons for a while or for anyone who has recently failed a test and wants to concentrate on the areas they need to improve.

Option 2 – 20 hours over 5 days – £899

This course normally runs Monday – Friday, but can run midweek if required. Each day the instructor meets you at your home or requested place of collection. Hours are arranged at 4 per day over 5 days, totalling 20 hours. A break of half an hour would be added each day to allow for pupils to regain concentration during this time. Daily starting times can be arranged to suit. This course is suitable for a learner driver of an intermediate standard (previously had some experience).

Option 3 – 25 hours – 5 or 10 day course – £1020

If you are arranging a 5 day course we would normally spend 6 hours per day with an added 1 hour break to regain concentration.

If you are arranging a 10 day course we would normally spend 3 hours per day. This is particularly recommended for drivers with limited or basic experience as there are fewer hours each day, allowing the learner additional time to absorb the information.

Option 4 – 30 hours – £1199

The comprehensive new learner course.
This course caters for the learner with little or no previous experiences and is designed to offer the complete syllabus for learning to drive and reach the suitable driving test standard (subject to the progress of the learner). Hours can be arranged in any of the above mentioned combinations, however, we would recommend a minimum of 4 weeks to comfortably prepare for your driving test.