Eco Friendly Driving

Deb's Driving School would like to promote and emphasise the importance of eco-friendly driving.

With the ever increasing price of fuel, it is important that pupils understand how to save fuel whilst driving, and thus reduce harmful emissions such as CO2.

Eco Driving Information from the Government

The Government has produced the following tips and guidelines for Eco-Friendly Driving : 

  • Check your tyres regularly and keep at recommended pressure
  • Don’t carry unnecessary weight
  • Remove roof-rack or luggage boxes when not needed to reduce air resistance
  • Don’t exceed speed limits, accelerate gently
  • Consider using cruise control where it would be appropriate
  • Turn off your engine if you are likely to have a prolonged wait
  • Use air conditioning only when you need to
  • Plan your route to avoid known congestion points
  • Try to travel during off-peak times
  • The DSA has produced the following video about Eco-Drivng