At Debs Driving School Bristol we take health and Safety very seriously.  In light of the current situation we would like to make all our pupils aware of the following measures that we are taking as a company to ensure we create a ‘Covid Secure’ workplace.

Please read the below information and then print a copy by clicking here.  Please sign your printed copy and bring it along with you to your lesson.

What I will do for you as an instructor;

• I will be using the dettol multi surface spray or anti-bacterial wipes, which states it kills 99.9% of any germs. I will use the spray/anti-bacterial wipes to spray/wipe door handles, steering wheel, gears, handbrake, switches, anything you come in contact with I’ll wipe down before and after each lesson.

• The car will also have a deep clean of the interior at the end of every working day.

• I will wear a mask to show I’m giving you a duty of care to help prevent me passing on any germs.

• I will wear gloves which I will use hand sanitizer on throughout the lesson.

• The windows of the car will be open, slightly if bad weather, to help keep a constant airflow through the car.


What I ask from you as pupils;

• If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 you must inform me as soon as possible (minimum 48 hours to cancel lesson – see cancellation policy below).  Before any further lessons can take place a negative covid test must be supplied or you must have isolated for the required amount of time.

I ask that you wash your hands before every lesson and provide your own hand gel but I can provide some hand gel (kills 99.9% of any germs) throughout the lesson if needed.

• Before every lesson I will use a digital thermometer to assess your temperature before we agree to doing the lesson, this will be a non contact thermometer. If this shows you having a high temperature (38C or above) the lesson will not go ahead. 

• You have the choice whether you wear a mask or not, no gloves to be worn as it could affect your ability to steer.

• Please ensure that you are ready for the start of your lesson.  Whilst we appreciate that some delays are unavoidable we are unable to wait longer than 15 minutes from the start of your lesson as this impacts the start and finish time of subsequent lessons.


Cancellation policy*

* As stated above we will not wait for more than 15 minutes at the start of the lesson.  If the pupil fails to appear for the start of the lesson after 15 minutes the lesson will be cancelled and the pupil will be charged the full cost of the lesson.  

* 48 hours minimum notice so if you feel your unwell or can’t make the lesson you need to let me know at least 2 days before so I can plan my lessons with more notice.

*The charge for not giving 48 hours notice will be the same as the cost of the lesson that is missed, ie. for 1 hour lesson charge will be £40.  This will need to be paid by bank transfer or cash as soon as you can.


*Payment for lessons*

Bank transfer would be best but cash is accepted too.  Information on prices go to my website or message me on 07794777235 or on facebook/pages too.